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Daimonin Installer v0.1

I’ve done some useful (or not) script for Linux user who wants to install Daimonin. It’s dedicated for non-advanced users.
With that script user can install (download source, unpack, compile, install) game with one command. There are two ways to install it – single-user and multi-user mode. Single-user mode puts game in user home directory (~/, e.g. /home/user/daimonin-0.10.0), multi-user puts files into /usr (binary to /usr/bin, files to /usr/share/daimonin-0.10.0). Also script create shortcuts – at desktop for single-user, in applications menu for multi-user.

Short how-to-use:

It’s 0.1 version now, like beta or alfa. It should work. I don’t take responsibility for any bugs. :)
Enjoy! :)

Project page: http://daimonin.elwin013.com/

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